Dane Reynolds' Cover Boards Explained

  • 04.16.2021

Dane Reynolds on the cover of Transworld SURF and STAB

1. The Dumpster Diver is a continual work in progress for Dane. This session in OZ at North Stradie, he experimented with a 5’8” x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ (much narrower than his usual is 19 1/2″, and this was more of his MTF altered dimensions)

Results: It was great in barrels and punchy waves but lacked the spurt off the go in small stuff so not the ideal groveler.

2. This shot was taken somewhere in the Caribbean. Dane happened to stop by the factory and request something last minute for this trip and ended up walking away with a 5’5″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 3/8″ Gravy model.

Results: Pretty much the only board he rode the whole trip. It was really really fast and worked great for airs– as you can see. Used at a fast racetrack down the line venue, I don’t think he even tried a cutback on it to be honest.

  • 04.16.2021