Dane and his Indie Opus

  • 04.16.2021

Dane Stab Magazine Interview

The final trip of filming for the Modern Collective has been a long one for Dane. It’s been close to two weeks on the road and he tells me that capturing clips for a hi-fi movie is a lot of pressure. It stifles his surfing freedom and creativity. As I talk, he sits opposite me in the hotel room with his legs crossed. He wears the expression of a puzzled dog. It’s how he looks when he’s attentive. Dusty and Yadin Nicol are also present. We discuss his vision of surfing, Jihad and his creative place.

Tell me about this “creative space,” Dane.

It’s the study in my home. I spend time in there coming up with creative ideas that I like to put down on a piece of paper. The room has a map of the world on the wall that is covered in polaroids. There are a few paintings from my girlfriend around the room and a pink couch that my neighbours made me. I really like creating things. I have a drum set and a piano in there and I love just making noise. I don’t croon or anything, I just love smashing the drums and making noise. It’s a release to make noise.

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  • 04.16.2021