Conner Coffin laying down his Bonzer Shelter

  • 04.16.2021

The waves on the North Shore have been on the small side for some time now, so Conner figured it’d be a good time to take out his Bonzer Shelter for a couple waves out front…From the looks of it, he made the right equipment choice!
conner-bonzer-shelterconner-coffin-60-x-18-12-x-2-516-bonzer-shelter-morant_hawaii16_03658 conner-coffin-60-x-18-12-x-2-516-bonzer-shelter-morant_hawaii16_03659 conner-coffin-60-x-18-12-x-2-516-bonzer-shelter-morant_hawaii16_03643


conner-coffin-60-x-18-12-x-2-516-bonzer-shelter-morant_hawaii16_03775 conner-coffin-60-x-18-12-x-2-516-bonzer-shelter-morant_hawaii16_03777

Photos by Trevor Moran, Ryan Miller & Steve Sherman

“Since 1969 only a few miles and some of California’s best point breaks separated Al Merrick and The Campbell Brothers, Malcolm and Duncan. Unbeknown to most, Al and Malcolm began working together in 1985, when Malcolm came on board and shaped for Al/CI for over 20 years. now 30 years on, a design offering is born out of that experience and mutual respect.
The Shelter model is our contemporary Bonzer 5 shortboard. It’s name was inspired by the 2001 film, Shelter by Chris Malloy and Moonshine Conspiracy. We provided a 6’2″ and a 6’4″ for the film. The boards were ridden by Taylor Knox, Donovan Frankenreiter, and a cast of visiting surfers. The Shelter is primarily a squash tail, and can be custom ordered with a swallow, round pin, or thumb tail. It is a versatile board that works well in all conditions. When deciding on size, go with your favorite dimensions, taking in consideration the conditions and type of waves you anticipate using the board for. Utilizing the Bonzer 5 system, which we have developed and refined over the last 34 years, the Shelter provides quick easy rail to rail transition, and unparalleled drive out of turns. It also maintains speed exceptionally well through cutbacks, and has been known to have an uncanny ability to navigate through the barrel. We have been working for years toward getting the Bonzer fully into the mix at the highest levels; with CI that time has come. Have at it and enjoy the Bonzer Experience.” -Malcolm and Duncan Campbell

  • 04.16.2021