Announcing the Next Generation Board Builder

  • 04.16.2021

banner-board_builderCustom order a CI online, and see every detail of your board in 3D before you buy! Channel Islands proudly introduces our next generation Board Builder. We’ve integrated the same software we use to cut our custom shapes right into the Channel Islands Surfboards website.

  • Manage your dims for ideal volume
  • Complete control over board outline, with five tail options
  • Select your stringer, carbon hits, fin system, and glassing options… even channels
  • Visualize your board with traction, color, and logo options

Once you create and order a custom board, you’ll be able to track its progress as it moves through production in our factory here in Carpinteria, California. You’ll know when your board gets milled, shaped, and glassed in real time.

Start Customizing!

Board Builder

  • 04.16.2021