A Conversation with Kelly Slater: Part 1

  • 04.16.2021

Kelly Slater Conversation

When we sat down recently with the ASP World No. 1, he had so much to say — so much more than would fit in the pages we’d allotted in SURFING‘s Competition Issue . Here’s a bit of what was chopped. Check the magazine for the finer cuts.

Kelly Slater:

On life after competition

“I’m sort of planning my future around tracking swells to South America and following them up. In our summer, in the southern hemisphere, you watch swells in the Indian Ocean hit Western Australia and go straight up to Indo, and then they come around the bottom to Fiji, and then over to Tahiti, and usually hit South America, and then right on through to Central America and Mexico. It’s a lot of traveling, but it also means finding waves that people don’t really surf. I started making connections with people who have done a lot of 30-hour drives in Peru and have found waves no one’s surfed before.”

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  • 04.16.2021