• 04.16.2021

This year’s Channel Islands Surfboards Rincon Classic was another one for the books! It’s a special weekend when many 805 surfers get that super rare chance to rip their favorite local wave with only a few others in the line-up. It’s also a great time to slow things down a bit, relax along the “Queen of the Coast’s” beach, hang with friends and the community while cheering on some of the best local pros, Joes, and groms from the area.

We were proud to support the Rincon Classic once again, which took place this past weekend (January 25-26) during a fun-sized swell that wrapped shoulder to slightly overhead groundswell lines into the Cove section, with fair-to-warm weather both days. Despite a high tide and light sea breeze during the mornings, surfers worked through it until things got pretty epic in the afternoons and then they put on one heck of a show.

Parker Coffin

Conner Coffin

The Pros were, of course, the standout division of the comp, posting 9s, 9.5s and even a 10 by eventual division winner Conner Coffin—who successfully defended his title at the 38th Annual Rincon Classic riding a 5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 prototype Fred Rubble 2. This win for Conner made it his 5th at the Classic (2019,’16,’15,’13), but it wasn’t easy with Mike McCabe right on his tail, followed closely by CI team riders Parker Coffin who rode a 5’9 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 Fred Stubble, and Adam Lambert.

Britt Merrick with his Twin Pin


By the end of the weekend surf blitz, Channel Islands had a very strong showing with nearly every division winner riding a CI shape. One of the more exciting wins was Britt Merrick, CI’s Lead Designer, taking out the Grand Masters on his new Twin Pin model he’s been working on this past winter.

Jabe Swierkocki

Jak Ziets

Other division winners on CIs included Jabe Swierkocki in Juniors U17, Jak Ziets winning Boys U14, Makena Burke Wahine’s U17, Shaya Alexander Women’s 18-over, among others.

Tom Curren & Britt Merrick

Although he didn’t take the win, Tom Curren found himself into the Semis of the Pro division on a new twin-fin project he and Britt are currently working on called the “Tommy Twin.” The shape is inspired by a personal favorite twin-fin that Al had shaped Tom in the very early ’80s. So far, they’re super excited about the first rounds of its development and we’ll keep you posted on how it all progresses.

Terry, Al, Britt & Fifi Merrick

Conner Coffin, photographer Jimmy Metyko, and shaper Mike Walter

While the surfing and the beautiful Rincon waves are the main attractions, the colorful mix of local people and good vibes are what makes this weekend so special. Even Al and Terry Merrick were on the beach to enjoy all of the action and watch their son surf his way to victory.

Chris Keets & Conner Coffin

Thanks to Chris Keets and the Surf Happens crew that puts on this great event, as well as all the other local sponsors and community members that make this epic weekend possible.

See you down there next time around!

Photos by Jimmy Metyko and Elliott Rebuck


Rincon Brewery Pro

  1. Conner Coffin
  2. Mike McCabe
  3. Parker Coffin
  4. Adam Lambert

U 12 Gremlins

  1. Koa Modisette
  2. Fynn Neth
  3. Aiden Albada
  4. Cameron Fausset
  5. Hawk Modisette
  6. Joey Penueta

Boys U 14

  1. Jak Ziets
  2. Jack Zoltan
  3. Pitas Higgins
  4. Caleb Faoro
  5. Mac Sharp
  6. Roman Higgins

Juniors U 17

  1. Jabe Swierkocki
  2. Jak Ziets
  3. Trevor Barry
  4. Tyler Chiarappa
  5. Curtis Jacobs
  6. Tahven Modisette

Wahines U 17

  1. Makena Burke
  2. Vela Mattive
  3. Jesse Engel
  4. Riley Malmsten
  5. Sophie Simon
  6. Jade Blair


  1. Shaya Alexander
  2. Ashley Fagerstadt
  3. Aubrey Falk Luyendyk
  4. Kylie Townley
  5. Maddie Malmsten
  6. Abby Brown


  1. Vince Felix
  2. Cole Robbins
  3. Clint Unander
  4. Jeff Belzer
  5. Ram Pierce
  6. Antonio Cabrera


  1. Jeff Knell
  2. Vincenzo Leonelli
  3. Jim McCarthy
  4. Will Reichel
  5. Connor Lundy

Masters 35+

  1. Javi Moreno
  2. Jason Campbell
  3. Jason Lesh
  4. Erik Edwards
  5. Sean Fischer
  6. Robert Glover

Grand Masters 45+

  1. Britt Merrick
  2. Josh Pomer
  3. Bromi Krock
  4. Bruno Charneca
  5. George Johnson
  6. Edward Albada

Legends 55+

  1. Steve Hanson
  2. Tony DeGroot
  3. James McClintock
  4. Adam Brown
  5. Tony Luna
  6. Michael Gordon

  • 04.16.2021